Ethnic wear is the traditional attire that matches the cultural background of the region. The outlook produced bywearing ethnic is classic and stylish. Many varieties and designs included in this kind of attire. Ethnic wear forwomen in India presents an endless combination of colorful dresses reflecting the culture of that specific place.

JAVTA : Proud of All
Women's Choice in Fashion

JAVTA is a well-known name in Manufacturer and Exporter of Traditional And Designer Kurtis for Girlsand has been offering the manufacturing service to India's Top Most Brands for the last 40 years. Now, wecame into the Retail Market and moved a stepforward in our commitment to cater to Excellent Customer Service and a huge variety of products at Affordable Prices. JAVTA becomes a top brand inethnic wear for women in India. We made our mission to offer our clients supreme quality dresses at Direct Factory Prices.

Since India has wide variations in geographic and cultural divisions, creativity also has so many variations and varieties, presenting a wide range of choices forwomen to choose from.


JAVTA has its own designs and production house with expert people in the department of designing, printing, screen printing, dyeing, stitching, and Tie-Dye. We do our own work with total craftsmanship and dedication. We have abeautiful collection of Kurtis, Ethnic Sets, Denim Jackets, Tops, and Bottom Wear for women and girls in which theylook beautiful and graceful.

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