We all have a blooming ensemble in our closets. Something to offer a splash of color and vibrancy, to break up the monotony of the ordinary, often monotonous prints. However, we sometimes get confused on how to dress the florals to strike a balance and allow our personality to radiate through the apparel.

The Workwear Fashion Diva

Workwear can become dull before you realize it. Bringing flowers into the realm of power dressing requires a lot of elegance and a little bit of care.

How should it be done? Choose one piece of floral apparel to add interest to the ensemble without overdoing it.

Patchwork on the sleeve or vibrant flower designs on the neck or pockets can do the trick. Even a monochromatic outfit with floral designs can make you stand out.

How to accessorize - When wearing florals, keep your accessories to a minimum to keep the focus on your outfit.


The Showstopper of The Eve

Floral outfits are a terrific pick for heading out for a party, whether it's a birthday breakfast or a night out with your friends, as they offer color and glamour to the gathering.

Choose a vibrant floral dress in yellow or pink for a day trip and a somewhat subdued color with floral motifs in pale blue or white for an evening celebration. You may also play around with the silhouettes you wear, from dresses to elegant jumpsuits, and from large tropical designs to smaller block prints.

How to accessorize - To complement your flowery ensemble, wear a pair of blingy earrings. To keep your ensemble balanced, choose a color block for your footwear and bag/clutch.


The Sundowner Queen

Sundowners ask for vibrant colors and airy ensembles that can carry the gala's vibe from day to evening. Wear a flowing tunic dress in a soft silhouette, such as Doria or georgette, with vivid floral designs to stand out from the throng.

If you want to seem cool on a hot summer day, consider wearing a cotton dress in vivid colors.

Choose a bright-toned floral attire that complements your skin tone and body shape, whether it's a dress or a skirt in a flowing fabric.

How to accessorize - Choose smaller prints if you have a pear or hourglass shape, and a somewhat bolder pattern if you have an apple or rectangular shape, as larger prints give volume to your shape.


Ethnic Fashion is Trendy.

Nothing stands out more than a floral design, especially when dressed ethnically. In ethnic clothes, floral designs ranging from machine prints to block prints and today even hand-painted themes are available.

You can wear a hand block printed suit set in black and pink to a formal event or a hand block printed dress paired with an oxidized choker to an exhibition; these items are extremely adaptable and flatter all body shapes.

Indo western items, such as block-colored tunics with a floral pattern are very popular and fashioned according to personal preferences. 

How to accessorize - Oxidized jewelry complements the color and fabric of hand block printed clothing. To complete the look, use jhumkas or long neckpieces with your ethnic floral clothing.


Diva of the Slumber Party

Who said flower designs were only for dresses and suits when it came to floral patterned women's outfits? Floral patterned clothing may also liven up a pyjama party or a movie night that you've been planning for months!

To add the appropriate amount of jazz to your slumber party, choose a Kaftan with a vivid floral design or a night suit set in zesty colors. To keep it comfy and fashionable, wear it with a silk headband or scrunchie.

How to accessorize - Purchase a matching set of slip-on and hair accessories.


Now, when you are choosing an outfit for any celebration, don't forget that the floral ensemble you have been saving up all this time is meant for every occasion. Wear your blooms with pride.

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